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Sarmenta d.o.o. operates from the Zagreb Innovation Center (ZICER).

Our mission is to create value-added products to preserve health and improve the quality of life.

Pharmaceutical products; food supplements, medical and cosmetic products are our business focus and passion.

Out of love for what we do, we have developed our own product group under the name of the “CLINMEDIQ” brand.

CLINMEDIQ provides its customers with innovative self-medication products across several therapeutic areas, from the digestive system to the health of the immune system.

As part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem since our early development, we have faced the challenges of developing a business idea and have the opportunity to exchange experiences of various incubation and post-incubation business ventures within the entrepreneurial incubator we are located in. This experience has created the capacity to select effective business models, so we provide advisory support to individuals or companies in development



We help startups and small businesses launching their ideas and building market traction

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